Changing Blog Address, Please update your bookmarks etc.

Oct. 3rd, 2011 | 06:09 pm

I have moved my blog to blogger and I hope you will "follow" me there.  LiveJournal has been a good place for me to begin blogging but I am getting complaints about the commenting process and some weird spam so that I have to monitor comments (thus the problems for some people, who are not LiveJournal members, in commenting).

While moving blogs I have made some other changes that I would like you to know about.

Here's the Latest news from my Art life.

New Blog Address: 
You'll find my spiffy new blog, Art and Life, at a new address.  Update your bookmarks and feeds to
New Small Works Sales Blog:
You can now buy my affordable small paintings online through PayPal on my new Small Works Blog. 
BLOG YOU WILL RECIEVE A SECOND PAINTING (of your choice) AT HALF PRICE.  Please share this information with your friends.
New Larger Works:
Check out my website or go to my Saachi page to see and buy my new larger paintings.  Please Facebook "like" my website if you like what you see.
Follow me on the Internet:
Subscribe to my Facebook updates or friend me (if we are not already friends on Facebook) for daily news from the studio.   And, yes, I finally joined Twitter.  You can find me here.

Outdoor and other art adventures:
I've spent a lot of this summer traveling Southern BC and the West
Kootenay's soaking up lots of imagery for paintings and painting en
plein air.  It has been an exciting, inspiring art filled few months.
The winter will be filled with Studio adventures and other art

Keep in touch through my blog to read all the latest
studio progress and process news.

Thank you for all your friendship and support over the years. I feel lucky to have such a great audience for my work.  Keep on reading on blogger.

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Living rough, painting quick

Aug. 6th, 2011 | 01:25 pm

Painting outdoors is a challenge for me.  But, I want to do it this trip, so I have done some prep toward that end.

I decided on the best way for me to paint outside.  It has to be convenient and small or I won't do it.  So, I prepped these little pieces of water colour paper that I already had.  My sister gave them to me as a part of a gift a while back.  The under coat is acrylic paint so that I can paint in oils on paper.

I'm going to tape them with double sided masking tape to pieces of cardboard, two at a time and take them where I want to paint.  I will either work in the camp area or go in the car so that I can easily lay out the wet paintings for transport to where I can dry them.  They are tiny 4 x 6" so I will work on several at a time, quick studies. Rough and unfussy.

Here is my bag of stuff to take with me for making tiny oil paintings in the outdoors. 

In it are:
Water soluble oils (can't take the chemicals in the regular oils and mediums)
spray bottle
bottle for medium and one for water
palette knife
brushes rolled in a bamboo place mat (just a few)
painted paper
cardboard mounts
small collapsible stool
a camera to use as a view finder and to record what I might want to work on later.

Lets see what I can do with that.

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So there!

Jul. 2nd, 2011 | 12:21 pm

I'm reminded by other blogs and videos about the vanity that is the solitary, self-absorbed, artist in her studio.  She should be engaged in the world outside her small confines. She should be practicing her art in order to say something new, to not be one of the many to use so much to say so little.    She should restrain herself from Arty Bollocks in talking about her work, but, on the other hand, she should look to the morality of her work and consider it's scholarship and sanctity ..according to Jacques Maritain’s The Responsibility of the Artist (although this respected art tome does not mention "her" I'm sure it meant to include her, just didn't have the time to be so rigorous as to research her existence). 

Fortunately I don't have to worry about this:

Like Matisse and Picasso, I don't have an MFA. Of course, I shouldn't equate myself to these artists and I don't, really, I don't,  except, like them, I don't have an MFA.

And remember, this can't be your favourite piece.

Here on the the blog where I got/stole some of the above references a commenter says  "Indeed, taking account of one’s creative abilities and figuring out what to do with them is no easy task. All that time in the studio to produce nothing of utilitarian value, with no buyers on hand, feels absurdly self-indulgent. But to walk away from a talent feels worse." (Sam, comment 17)

So there.

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First the Bad News

Jun. 5th, 2011 | 06:16 pm

I forgot to tell you about the auction.  Unfortunately nobody showed for the auction. Kate, the organizer, tells me there is a big lull in all the auction houses right now and, she tells me that next time they will include the Artist Direct Auction with their Contemporary Art Auction.  Which doesn't help me much right now, but, oh well, I count it a good thing that they wanted my work and move on.

Following are some images of paintings that I have been working on in the past few weeks.  I am trying to complete a painting a week in order to improve faster.  Paint it, make the decisions, move on.  Let it go.  Go back later if I see a way to make it better.

One of these pieces, the last one, was posted in the last post but I have made some changes in it. Posting them, doesn't mean they are finished, I don't know yet.  Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything at all.  But I suppose I know something about painting by now and I feel that I am producing a greater number of more interesting works now than I was producing a year ago.  How's that for a sales pitch?

Oil and Acrylic on canvas
16 x 16 "

Near the Quarry (study)
Acrylic on paper
4 x 6"

I Remember the Fire of 61 (in progress)
Oil and Acrylic on Panel
24 x 20"

By the Side of the Road
10 x 10"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

I'm having a good time in the studio right now, hallelujah!  There was a bit of a foot dragging slog for a while.  It is so terrific to feel like I am just in here digging in, doing what I can and learning and getting better.  I said to Val this week, when she came for a consult, "problem is I want to be great, a great artist ..and that gets in my way of being where I am sometimes, just being here and working from here and knowing that's the only place I can be".
I'm taking some time off during the week to get away to the woods and the water so I am working through the weekends.  Next week it's off to Smuggler Cove on the Sunshine Coast of BC for a few days.  When I get back I hope to have more painting ideas waiting to bust out.

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Peering at Present Position

May. 29th, 2011 | 01:47 pm

What's happening here?  Stopping now, to have a look.  Feeling the crunch.  Making the work, here is some from the past little while. 

16 x16 in
Acrylic on Canvas

Side of the Road (in progress)
10 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas

The problem is, I love too much;   getting outdoors, working in the garden, doing bits and pieces to bring in a little cash, having a social life, reading, blogging. Summer calls. I've planned a three day trip for June and another 2 week vacation in August.  I hope to get away in July as well.  Is that too much when there are slim income options right now??  Life on the edge.  What is it that Helen Keller said, something like, "life is an exciting adventure or nothing at all."

Well, that's what it is right now, I've looked at it and that's what it is.

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Going Once, Going Twice

May. 19th, 2011 | 01:57 pm

Good news, Good news.  I received the announcement for the auction at Maynards Auction House where two of my paintings will be auctioned at 6 PM on Wednesday, May 25.  These are the two paintings that will be auctioned.  The estimated value is between $300 and $500 for the first and $400 and $600 for the second so get them while you can because I won't be emerging forever.

acrylic on canvas
16 x 20"
Estimate: $300 - $500

acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 in.
Estimate: $400-600

Here are the details:

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