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Changing Blog Address, Please update your bookmarks etc.

I have moved my blog to blogger and I hope you will "follow" me there.  LiveJournal has been a good place for me to begin blogging but I am getting complaints about the commenting process and some weird spam so that I have to monitor comments (thus the problems for some people, who are not LiveJournal members, in commenting).

While moving blogs I have made some other changes that I would like you to know about.

Here's the Latest news from my Art life.

New Blog Address: 
You'll find my spiffy new blog, Art and Life, at a new address.  Update your bookmarks and feeds to http://elainemariartandlife.blogspot.com/
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Outdoor and other art adventures:
I've spent a lot of this summer traveling Southern BC and the West
Kootenay's soaking up lots of imagery for paintings and painting en
plein air.  It has been an exciting, inspiring art filled few months.
The winter will be filled with Studio adventures and other art

Keep in touch through my blog to read all the latest
studio progress and process news.

Thank you for all your friendship and support over the years. I feel lucky to have such a great audience for my work.  Keep on reading on blogger.
oil paint

Living rough, painting quick

Painting outdoors is a challenge for me.  But, I want to do it this trip, so I have done some prep toward that end.

I decided on the best way for me to paint outside.  It has to be convenient and small or I won't do it.  So, I prepped these little pieces of water colour paper that I already had.  My sister gave them to me as a part of a gift a while back.  The under coat is acrylic paint so that I can paint in oils on paper.

I'm going to tape them with double sided masking tape to pieces of cardboard, two at a time and take them where I want to paint.  I will either work in the camp area or go in the car so that I can easily lay out the wet paintings for transport to where I can dry them.  They are tiny 4 x 6" so I will work on several at a time, quick studies. Rough and unfussy.

Here is my bag of stuff to take with me for making tiny oil paintings in the outdoors. 

In it are:
Water soluble oils (can't take the chemicals in the regular oils and mediums)
spray bottle
bottle for medium and one for water
palette knife
brushes rolled in a bamboo place mat (just a few)
painted paper
cardboard mounts
small collapsible stool
a camera to use as a view finder and to record what I might want to work on later.

Lets see what I can do with that.